Aqua Spirit

2023.10.6 Released from FLAU

01 Aqua Spirit


A Fragment of Summer

2023.7.5 Released from FLAU

01 A Fragment of Summer



2023.3.22 Released from FLAU

01 Luminescence


The World Left Behind Live at WWW

Live Mini Album (Limited Edition)
2020.5.1 Released from FLAU

01 Waxing Moon
02 Frozen Forest
03 From Paradise Past
04 Oyasumi Song
05 Halfway
06 Atarashii Hito
Recorded on Nov. 26th, 2015, as part of Rayons opening show for Julia Holter Japan Tour at Shibuya WWW


The World Left Behind

1st Full Album
2015.9.2 Released from FLAU

01 Playground For Birds
02 Frozen Forest
03 Dancing Under The Filtered Sun
04 Waxing Moon
05 From Paradise Past
06 Can't See Through The Fog
07 It Was You
08 Impression
09 Immortal Island
10 あたらしい ひと (a letter from nowhere)



It Was You


Limited Edition
ー Sound Design For Sina (Arimoto Yumiko) Exhibition "amai onna"

01 waxing moon
02 into the hands
03 amai onna

After The Noise Is Gone

1st Mini Album
2012.1.18 Released from Pokhara Records/HIP LAND MUSIC/RONDADE

01 Ivy
02 Damn it,Shut it,Release it
03 Go over
04 Halfway
05 Love is a personal thing
06 Take me to the fairyland